BYD Blade Battery for eMPVs

BYD Blade Battery for eMPVs - Autoztrend

Recently launched in India for the B2B segment, the All-New e6 by BYD (Build Your Dreams) India, a subsidiary of the Warren Buffett-backed EV manufacturer BYD, marks a significant milestone. Being India’s first premium eMPV, this groundbreaking vehicle proudly features BYD’s revolutionary Blade Battery, solidifying BYD’s position as a global pioneer and one of the world’s largest new energy vehicle makers. The Blade Battery technology sets a new standard for power and safety in the Indian EV market.

What is Blade EV battery?

The Blade EV battery is essentially a type of lithium iron phosphate battery, known for its high battery life, particularly in cold weather conditions. Its unique name “Blade battery” is derived from its appearance, resembling a blade-like shape. This innovative battery technology combines the advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries with a design optimized for better performance, especially during winter.

What is Blade Type Battery?

The Blade Battery sets a new standard in safety, strength, range, and lifespan for electric vehicles. Its design prioritizes maximum safety with an exceptionally robust structure, ensuring durability and reliability. Moreover, the battery offers an impressive long-range capability and an extended lifespan, making it a leading choice in the industry.

BYD Blade Battery Pack

BYD introduced the revolutionary Blade Battery in 2020, setting it apart as the sole battery to successfully pass the nail penetration test, an extremely stringent evaluation for testing thermal runaway in batteries. During these tests, the Blade Battery demonstrates exceptional safety features, as it neither emits smoke nor catches fire after penetration, with its surface temperature reaching only 30 to 60°C.

In stark contrast, ternary lithium batteries commonly exceed 500°C and undergo violent combustion under the same conditions. Similarly, conventional lithium iron phosphate block batteries do not openly emit flames or smoke but exhibit dangerous surface temperatures of 200 to 400°C. The exceptional performance of the Blade Battery in these tests firmly establishes its status as an ultra-safe battery technology.

Also, the space utilisation of the Blade Battery pack increases by over 50%, compared with that of conventional lithium iron phosphate block batteries, resulting in significant improvements in energy efficiency and range. Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, Head – Electric Passenger Vehicle – BYD India Private Limited, said, “We give battery safety the highest priority when it comes to our EVs. It is a matter of great pride that this technology will now be a highlight in all BYD pure electric products in our country. This will assure all our customers that BYD’s pure electric products offer safety and reliability of the highest standards with best-in-class design and performance. We are keen on bringing many more variants apart from the e6 when we start serving India’s B2C segment equipped with blade battery technology.”


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