MS Dhoni’s massive car/bike collection : Kawasaki Ninja H2 to Apache RR 310

MS Dhoni’s massive car/bike collection : Kawasaki Ninja H2 to Apache RR 310

Venkatesh Prasad, the former India seamer, recently took fans on a captivating tour of MS Dhoni’s Ranchi farmhouse, showcasing the cricket legend’s impressive bike collection. Prasad sir shared an exciting video featuring the vast garage filled with an array of bikes and vintage cars owned by the former India skipper.

The nearly two-minute video captures Prasad sir alongside former India selector Sunil Joshi, with the camera being deftly handled by MS Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi. The glimpse into Dhoni’s farmhouse in Ranchi provides a fascinating insight into the sporting icon’s passion for bikes and classic automobiles.

“One of the craziest passion i have seen in a person. What a collection and what a man MSD is . A great achiever and a even more incredible person. This is a glimpse of his collection of bikes and cars in his Ranchi house. Just blown away by the man and his passion @msdhoni,” tweeted Prasad.

The video starts with Sakshi Dhoni asking Prasad: “What do I say? How do you feel being in Ranchi first?”

Prasad replied: “Amazing! No, not all (not my first time in Ranchi). It’s my fourth time, but this place (MS Dhoni’s bike collection) is crazy.

Sunil Joshi, too was gob smacked by MS Dhoni’s collection, he said: “Not the first time in Ranchi but first time with the legend. You can’t explain about this whole set up.”

As the video came to a close, one of MS Dhoni’s close friends shared a heartwarming anecdote about the cricket superstar’s first bike. He reminisced about the days when they would often run out of fuel during their bike rides. However, they found a clever solution by calling someone from home, who would come to their rescue with a supply of fuel in their car. These nostalgic moments shed light on the camaraderie and adventurous spirit shared by MS Dhoni and his friends during their early biking days.


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